F2K Social – Free Creative Writing Course

F2K Social – Free Creative Writing Course.

Anyone interested in Creative Writing should take this free online course. It’s offered a few times a year and I took it the last go round, and am now signed up for it this time as well. It lasts about 7 weeks, with one lesson/assignment per week. They are great lessons that introduce you to the basics of creative writing that can be applied no matter your skill level. I learned a great deal last time and look forward to furthering my knowledge this time. If you have any questions, just check out the link. Hope to see you there!!


Happy Writing!!


Hello world!

Welcome to the wild world of Bridget Renée (Holcomb) Keller!

A little about me:

I’m happily married to the best husband in the world!! I have the three best kids of all time! Adam is 12, so, of course, knows everything. Xavier just turned 3 and his favorite thing to do is knock down his little sister. Makayla is 16 months and just loves to smile.

I have a BS in Biology and a MS in Biomedical Science, both from Marshall University in Huntington, WV, which is also where I currently live. I love Marshall Football, mostly for the tailgating lately, cause it’s sure not for the skill of the team…

I’m an aspiring writer. I always loved reading and have written a little horror and fantasy off and on my whole life. So I finally decided in the last year to take some classes and work on my writing craft. I’ve met a lot of great writers and learned a lot.

I plan on making this a place where I can post what I’m learning about writing, as well as any writing projects I’m currently working on. I also will post about parenthood: my experiences as well as any current events, opinions, or ideas. I welcome all comments and feedback.

So, Happy Writing and Happy Times To All!!

Love and Luck,